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Source: Rose Punchard, nee Wilson. Courtesy Marion Punchard.

This is a fascinating photo on one side of a postcard. Postcard is not stamped or postmarked, as if it has been handed rather than mailed to recipient.

Address is

Mrs Sansom, 125 Commercial Road, Peckham, SE.

Message says "Dear R. Sorry I have not written, but I have been bad, and Ted will be home soon, and he will see you then. Have you heard from him yet? Love from all, E.

This photo is....." and at this point writing becomes indecipherable, as the edge of the postcard has worn away over the years. Only word that can be made out looks like "Tomas H."

Tomas is spelled that way, with no h after the T. Just a mistake?

"E" could mean Eliza Wilson, and her husband, Edward could well be Ted. But if so then these would

probably be four of their children, but the boy looks the oldest and that doesn't fit in with the order in which their children were born.