George Wilson


George Wilson (1832 - died before 1880)

George is an interesting character.  Born in Piercebridge April 4th 1832, to William and Mary Wilson, he is shown as a blacksmith in the 1861 census. Quite understandable, as his father and grandfather were also blacksmiths.

Yet in the 1851 census, and on his marriage certificate in 1860, he is described as a Tailor. Looking at the certificate I wondered if it was really "Sailor" but he's also described as a Tailor in the 1871 census. Seems quite a massive change of occupation. Definitely the right person.

His bride in 1860 (George was 27 when he married) is Martha Shield (nee Livingston, Levingston, or Livingstone depending on what document you look at) who is described as a widow, aged 24, and we know she married George Shield at Tynemouth, Sept 13th 1852. Martha would have been just 16 at the time of that marriage!

On October 30th 1860, very nearly ten months after their marriage, Martha produced a child, Mary Sabrah Wilson, and they were living then at Witton Gilbert, Durham. George Wilson is once again described as a Tailor (no doubt this time - not a Sailor!)

In 1861 George and Martha were living at East Thickley, Durham, also with a child Jane A G Wilson, born 1856, but that was four years before their marriage so I am guessing that Jane was born to Martha and George Shield and just took George Wilson's name.

On 30th December 1864, while living at Walker, Newcastle On Tyne, Martha produced another daughter, Hannah. George is once again described as a Tailor.

Finally in 1868, a son, William was born in Newcastle. I don't have that certificate so do not know George's occupation at that time.


In the 1871 Census they have moved to the district of Byker, Newcastle

In December 1880, George and Martha's daughter Mary Sabra married James McDonald. Father of the bride, George Wilson is described as deceased (Tailor). His widow, Martha was already re-married, and was now Martha Robinson!

So George died young between 1871 and 1880. A possible death for him is shown here:

Name: George Wilson

Estimated birth year: abt 1832

Year of Registration: 1880

Quarter of Registration: Oct-Nov-Dec

Age at Death: 48

District: Guisborough

County: Yorkshire - North Riding

However, if that IS our George, then Martha must have hardly waited to bury him before marrying Mr. Robinson.

Incidentally, Mary Sabrah, who married James McDonald in 1860 is the descendant of Bob McDonald, currently living in Leicester, U.K. who has kindly produced the certificates I have.

Census Results

1851 Census (with parents)

William Wilson Head 45 abt 1806 Male Gainford, Durham, England

Mary Wilson Wife 44 abt 1807 Female Stanwick, Yorkshire, England

George Wilson Son 18 abt 1833 Male Gainford, Durham, England. TAILOR!

William Wilson Son 16 abt 1835 Male Gainford, Durham, England

Roger Wilson Son 11 abt 1840 Male Gainford, Durham, England

Margaret Marriner Lodger 40 abt 1811 Female Gainford, Durham, England


1861 census

George Wilson abt 1833 Paicebridge, Durham, England Head East Thickley Durham Blacksmith! (Why a tailor 10 yrs later???)
Martha Wilson (nee Levingston) abt 1836 Bilston, Staffordshire, England Wife East Thickley Durham
Jane A G Wilson abt 1856 Witton Gilbert, Durham, England Daughter East Thickley Durham
Mary Sabrah Wilson abt 1860 Witton Gilbert, Durham, England Daughter East Thickley Durham
Robert Wittey abt 1838 Brandon, Durham, England Boarder East Thickley Durham

1871 Census

George Wilson 38 Piercebridge, Durham, England Head Byker Northumberland (Tailor)
Martha Wilson 35 Bilston, Staffordshire, England Wife Byker Northumberland
Mary Sabrah Wilson 10 Witton Gilbert, Durham, England Daughter Byker Northumberland
Hannah Wilson 6 Parish Benton, Northumberland, England Daughter Byker Northumberland
William Wilson 3 Newcastle, Northumberland, England Son

living at St. Anthony's potteries cottages, Byker, Newcastle,



 William Wilson  
 Mary Marriner  




 Mary  1861
 Hannah  1865
 William  1868