Oh how I wish people would write details on the backs of their photos!

In this photo the man is definitely my grandfather, Bertie Sparks. The two ladies are Alice, his wife, and Maud Smith (nee Bond) wife of Albert Smith who was Alice's sister.

The child on the left is my mother, Gladys, born 1908. She looks around eight years old in this photo, so that would make the photo taken around 1916. The child on the right looks like Minnie. She was born 1910 so would be 6 here if my guess is correct. The one in the middle looks just like Aunt Dora, and she was born in 1913 so would be 3.

The two blond boys are Albert and Arthur Smith, Maud's children. That leaves the baby on my Gran's lap. I assume that is my Uncle Bert, born 1917, although it looks like a female, so MAY be Queenie Smith, daughter of Maud but she died in 1916.