Thomas Wilson

Thomas Wilson (1828-1912)

Thomas was a blacksmith, like his father, William. Born in Eppleby, when William was the blacksmith there, I assume he apprenticed under his father before becoming the Smithy at Piercebridge. He lived a long life, and lived at 13 West View. This cottage is still there, albeit now a part of one much larger building comprising what used to be numbers 11, 12, 13, and 14. The whole house is still called "Smithy's Cottage". He died in 1912 aged 83. Whether he was the blacksmith until he died is unknown, but a local book showed a photo of Arthur Coulter who became the blacksmith in Piercebridge "around 1913".

Record of christening:

1828/12/06 c Wilson Thos s Wm & Mary Blacksmith Eppleby

1841 Census (with parents)

William WILSON 35 blacksmith, yes (born in Co. DUR)
Mary Wilson 34 no (not born in DUR page 3
Thomas Wilson 12 no
Matthew Wilson 10 no
George Wilson 9 yes
William Wilson 7 yes
Roger Wilson 2 yes
Margaret Marriner (Mary's sister?) age 40
Robert Cooper, apprentice blacksmith, age 20

1851 Census

After months of searching, I finally found him as a lodger, living at Long Newton, in parish of Stockton.


Thomas Wilson, age 22, Blacksmith, born Eppleby. Yorkshire

Jane Taylor, Head, 53, Widow, Ag. Laborer, born Bishopston, Co. Durham

Elizabeth Taylor, 19, daughter, Ag. Laborer, born Egglescliffe. Co. Durham


(Ancestry had him down as age 32, and born Appleby, but original doc quite clearly shows 22 and Eppleby)

1861 Census:

Thomas W Wilson 32 Eppelby, Yorkshire, England Head Pierce Bridge Yorkshire
Hannah Wilson 32 Cty Durham, Gainford Wife Pierce Bridge Yorkshire
Jane E Wilson 3 Cty Durham, Heighington Daughter Pierce Bridge Yorkshire
Joseph W Wilson 5 Cty Durham, Heighington Son Pierce Bridge Yorkshire
Mary A Wilson 7 Cty Durham, Heighington Daughter Pierce Bridge Yorkshire
Matthew Wilson 9 Cty Durham, Heighington Son Pierce Bridge Yorkshire
Margaret Marriner 58 Cty Durham, Piercebridge Relative Pierce Bridge Yorkshire
Paul Malthouse 17 Aldbrough, Yorkshire North Riding, England Apprentice Pierce Bridge Yorkshire

1871 Census


Thomas Wilson, born Eppleby, age 42 

Hannah Wilson 42, born Gainford GRANDMOTHER

Ann Wilson, 87, born Piercebridge, Grandmother,
Mary A, 17, born Heighington, Durham, DressMaker,
Joseph W, born Heighington, 15 Blacksmith Apprentice
Jane E, 13, Heighington, domestic servant
Hannah C, 8 Piercebridge Scholar,

1881 Census


 Thomas WILSON Head M Male 52 Eppleby, York, England Blacksmith
Hannah WILSON Wife M Female 52 Gainford, Durham, England
Jane Elizabeth WILSON Daur U Female 23 Heighington, Durham, England
Hannah Carr WILSON Daur U Female 18 Piercebridge, Durham, England
Anthony WYNN Apprentice U Male 16 Barton, York, England Blacksmith Apprentice

1891 Census (address 13, West Side, Piercebridge)


Thomas Wilson abt 1829 Eppleby, Yorkshire, England Head Pierce Bridge Durham

Hannah Wilson abt 1829 Gainford, Durham, England Wife Pierce Bridge Durham

Hannah Carr Wilson abt 1863 Pierce Bridge, Durham, England Daughter Pierce Bridge Durham

Mary Wade, Servant, age 49, Houghton-Le-Skerne, Co. Durham

Robert William Coulston, 20, Apprentice, Horton, Co. Durham

William Kindleysin (?) 16, Sedgefrield. Co. Durham


1901 Census


Thomas Wilson, age 72, Eppleby, Yorkshire, Blacksmith

Hannah Wilson, age 72, Gainford, Durham

Harold Redman, 22, Apprentice, Ehitby, Yorkshire
George Findlay, 16, Apprentice, North Shildon, Yorkshire


Deceased July 5th 1912

Thomas's grave, with an emblem of a blacksmith's anvil, is in St. Mary's Church, Piercebridge.