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These pages are designed mainly for the extended families of Wilsons and Sparks, and to be more on a personal level than the usual list of names, but if you have wandered on to them by mistake and happen to see any links to YOUR families, please contact me at bobgfc@sbcglobal.net and I'll be very pleased to hear from you. Some names are linked to separate pages which provide more detail on the individual.

Family History


Wilsons, Sparks, Tapsons, Maddisons and Marriners


Adams, Mary b: 1743 in Bexley, Kent
Bailey, Frances Charlotte
Baldry, Ann b: 1802
Baldry, Ann b: 1818
Baldry, Dorothy b: 1790

Baldry, Eliza b: 1809 in Bexley, Kent d: 1812 in Bexley, Kent
Baldry, Eliza b: 1815
Baldry, Ellen b: 1843
Baldry, Eunisa b: 1794
Baldry, Hannah b: 1811 in Bexley, Kent d: 1812 in Bexley, Kent
Baldry, James b: 1 SEP 1778 in Thelnetham, Suffolk d: 10 FEB 1833 in Bexley, Kent
Baldry, James b: 1814
Baldry, Jane b: 26 AUG 1840 in Welling, Bexley, Kent
Baldry, John d: 25 JUL 1776 in Botendale, Suffolk
Baldry, John b: 1853
Baldry, John Hart b: 1782
Baldry, Joseph b: 1745 in Thelnetham, Suffolk d: 23 NOV 1828 in Thelnetham, Suffolk
Baldry, Joseph b: 1780 in Thelnetham, Suffolk
Baldry, Maria b: 1798
Baldry, Mary b: AUG 1777 in South Lopham, Norfolk
Baldry, Mary Ann b: 2 DEC 1799 in Thelnetham, Suffolk d: 26 OCT 1888 in Smithfield, Cache, Utah, USA
Baldry, Mary Ann b: 1838
Baldry, Philip b: AUG 1774 in South Lopham, Norfolk d: 1818
Baldry, Philip b: 1802 Baldry, Sarah b: 1805 d: 26 OCT 1888
Baldry, Sophia b: 1792
Baldry, Susan b: 1800
Baldry, Thomas b: 1782 in Thelnetham, Suffolk
Baldry, William b: 1784 in Nedging, Suffolk Baldry, William b: 1821
Ball, Ann
Beaujour, Florence Mary b: 1880 in Willesden
Bunyan, Charlotte b: 1824 in Bexley, Kent
Bunyan, Edward
Bunyan, Eliza Jane b: 1818
Bunyan, Emma b: 1826
Bunyan, James b: 1813 in Bexley, Kent (see notes for poss 1881 census)
Bunyan, Lucy b: 1829
Bunyan, Mary Ann b: 1815 in Bexley, Kent
Carter, Richard
Carter, Marilyn
Clark, Living
Clark, Unknown
Denise, Living
Ebsworthy, Agnes
Emily, Harold Wilson (only guessing he is son of b: 1895)
Farbes, Alexander b: 1896
Farbes, Frank R W b: 1900
Farbes, Unknown
Fry, Living
Gardiner, Florence
Garwood, Dorothy b: 1709
Godfrey, Living
Godfrey, Living
Godfrey, Living
Gould, Ann
Gray, Cissie
Greenwood, Daphne
Greenwood, Frederick W G
Greenwood, Lorna
Hadley, Alfred J
Hagley, Harriet b: 1833 in Devon
Hall, Ambrose b: 1743 in Bexley, Kent
Hall, Ambrose b: 1777
Hall, Elizabeth b: 23 DEC 1770 in Bexley, Kent d: 1832 in Bexley, Kent
Hall, James b: 1783
Hall, Joseph b: 17 SEP 1780
Hall, Sarah b: 21 MAY 1775 in Bexley, Kent d: 16 FEB 1777
Hall, Sarah b: 1788
Harford, Charlotte Annie Marian b: 1870 in Sutton Veny, Wiltshire
Harriett b: 1866
Hooper, Unknown
Jagoe, Margaret
Jnr, Frederick Greenwood
Layfield, Gordon
Layfield, Living
Layfield, Living
Layfield, Living
Layfield, Living
Maddison, Edward b: 30 SEP 1810 in Durham, England
Maddison, Elizabeth b: 1843
Maddison, Mary Ann b: 1839 in Durham
Maddison, William
Mahoney, Ethel
Mahoney, Florence Mahoney, George Daniel b: 1881 in Acton
Mahoney, Henry George
Mahoney, Living
Mahoney, Living
Mahoney, Mabel
Mahoney, Margaret b: 8 DEC 1922
Marilyn, Living Marriner, Mary b: 11 DEC 1806 in Stanwick St John, Yorkshire
Marriner, Matthew
Marriner, Matthew
Marriner, Matthew b: in Christened Nov 11th 1776 Stanwick St John
Mason, Mary
Moyes, Unknown
Nancy, Living
Olsen, Living
Olsen, Living
Olsen, Living
Olsen, Living
Palmer, Nancy b: 1829 in Lydford, Devon
Pascoe, Sidney
Pascoe, William d: JAN 1972 in Gillingham, Kent
Pollock, Living
Poole, Living
Poole, Living Prested, Marie Elizabeth Frances b: 1921
Prested, William Frank
Punchard, ??
Punchard, Marion
Riley, Sarah
Rogers, John Albert
Searle, Elizabeth Louise
Smith, Alice Maud b: 17 JUN 1879 in Plumstead. Kent d: 25 JUN 1962 in 55 Muschamp Road, peckham. London SE15
Smith, Charlotte Ellen b: 1877 in Plumstead, Kent
Smith, Edward b: 1841
Smith, Edward James b: 1866 in Plumstead, Kent
Smith, Eliza Julia b: 23 FEB 1870 in Albert Grove, Welling, Bexley, Kent d: 13 NOV 1935 in 13 Clifton Road, Gillingham
Smith, Jane b: 1868 in Plumstead, Kent
Smith, Rose May b: 1881
Sparks, Dora Charlotte b: 27 MAR 1913
Sparks, Dora Elizabeth b: 1878
Sparks, Edward Walter b: 28 DEC 1919
Sparks, George William b: 1873
Sparks, Gladys May b: 19 JUN 1908 in Alresford, Hampshire d: 28 DEC 1980 in 10 Selbourne Road, Gillingham, Kent, United Kingdom
Sparks, Herbert b: 28 APR 1881
Sparks, Herbert Arthur b: 18 MAR 1917
Sparks, Jane b: 8 MAR 1868
Sparks, John b: 1835 in Somerset
Sparks, John Thomas b: 1865
Sparks, Living
Sparks, Living
Sparks, Living
Sparks, Living
Sparks, Living
Sparks, Minnie Ellen b: 24 JUL 1910
Sparks, Robert b: 27 NOV 1869
Sparks, Walter James b: 18 OCT 1874
Still, Doris
Stones, Ann
Tapson, Alfred b: 1897 Tapson, Alice Kate b: 25 NOV 1892 in Hammersmith d: 9 OCT 1979 in New Zealand
Tapson, Christobel b: 1910
Tapson, Dorothy b: 1899
Tapson, Earle b: 1904
Tapson, Edward
Tapson, Emily Susannah b: 1906
Tapson, Esther Florence b: 1898 in Hammersmith
Tapson, Ethel Maud b: 1896 in Hammersmith
Tapson, Florence b: 1894
Tapson, Frank
Tapson, George b: 1768 d: 1842
Tapson, Hannah b: 1864 in Lamerton, Devon
Tapson, Helen Agnes b: 1907
Tapson, Henry John b: 1895
Tapson, James b: 1866 in Lammerton, Devon
Tapson, James b: 1891
Tapson, Jennifer Avril b: 24 NOV 1948 in Perivale, Middlesex, England d: 6 JAN 2002 in St Francis Hospice, Berkhamsted, Herts, England
Tapson, John b: 1728 d: 1805
Tapson, John b: 1872 in Lamerton, Devon
Tapson, Joseph b: 1870 in Lamerton, Devon d: 1930
Tapson, Joseph Walter b: 1890 in Kensington
Tapson, Leonard John b: 1923
Tapson, Living
Tapson, Living
Tapson, Living
Tapson, Living
Tapson, Mabel b: 1895
Tapson, Nicholas d: 1750
Tapson, Nicholas b: 1604
Tapson, Nicholas b: 1704 d: 1738
Tapson, Nora Annie b: 1909 d: 1916 in Hammersmith
Tapson, Reginald Thomas b: 1900 in Hammersmith d: 1902 in Fulham
Tapson, Richard
Tapson, Robert d: 1637
Tapson, Robert b: 1636
Tapson, Thomas b: 1793 in Bridestowe, Devon
Tapson, Thomas b: 1892
Tapson, Walter Leonard b: 1902
Tapson, Winifred Emma b: 1899
Turner, Mary b: 1756
unknown, Ann
Unknown, Martha
Walls, Agnes b: 1893
Walls, Arthur b: 1895
Walls, Charles b: 1898
Walls, Edwin
Walls, Edwin b: 1894
Walls, Florence b: 1891
Walls, Mabel b: 1889
Walls, Nora b: 1900
White, Brian b: 29 SEP in Portsmouth, Hampshire d: 4 DEC 2001 in Gillingham, Kent
White, Living
White, Living
White, Living
White, Living
White, Unknown
Whiting, Mark d: SEP 2002 in Isle of Wight
Wigley, Ernest
Wigley, Living
Wigley, Living
Wilson, Colin
Wilson, Dolly
Wilson, Edward b: 1899 in Possibly March, poss Edward George
Wilson, Edward Maddison b: 25 MAR 1869 in North Road, Crossgate, Durham d: 11 AUG 1930 in 13 Clifton Road, Gillingham
Wilson, Emily b: 1874
Wilson, George b: 1832
Wilson, Ivy
Wilson, Janet Rose b: 28 APR 1940 in Gillingham, Kent d: 1986 in Trowbridge
Wilson, Living
Wilson, Living
Wilson, Living
Wilson, Living
Wilson, Margaret E b: 1872
Wilson, Mary A b: MAR 1862 in Leeds (DOB to be confirmed)
Wilson, Matthew b: 1830 in Christened Aug 19 1830 at Forcett, Yorks
Wilson, Roger b: 1839 in Piercebridge, Co. Durham, christened July 6 1839
Wilson, Roger George b: DEC 1875 in Sunderland
Wilson, Roger William b: 29 NOV 1901 in Arden Road, Gillingham, Kent d: 7 JAN 1972 in Gillingham, Kent
Wilson, Rose
Wilson, Thomas
Wilson, Thomas b: 1828 in Christened Dec 6 1828 Forcett, Yorks
Wilson, Thomas Henry b: 1879
Wilson, Wiliam b: 1833
Wilson, William b: 1805 in Piercebridge, County Durham
Wilson, William b: 1867
Wilson, Winifred b: 1898